Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

How many times have you searched the internet today? Perhaps it was to check the weather, or maybe you were looking for a restaurant to try for dinner tonight.

We use the internet so much each day that we rarely stop to think about how many times we’ve turned to it for guidance or advice. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, your website is the first place people will meet your brand. If you’re a small business owner wondering whether a website is truly necessary, here’s all the reasons to put it back on your to do list.

The benefits of a website for SMBs

The Yellow Pages report examined how many SMBs already had a web presence. Their research showed that 72% of SMBs already had a website and most of them felt it had increased their business effectiveness. How did it do this? According to 39% of these business owners, their website had increased exposure and awareness for their brand. So, what are some other benefits to a website?

Boost your credibility

If a person hears about your business and wants to learn more, they’re likely to search for you. If they can’t find anything when they search, they may question if you’re a legitimate business. A website can increase your credibility by proving you are an active business with current contact details. A professional, modern looking website is equally important, as users do not trust webpages that appear outdated. With our custom web design services you can easily set yourself up with an impressive website.

Stay open 24/7

Small business owners’ work hours tend to extend well past the typical 9-5, but even they need to stop sometimes. If a user is searching for your business outside of regular work hours, when they’re most likely to be free, they will be put off if they cannot reach you for further information. With online availability 24/7, you can generate interest in your business even when you’re off the clock. An online contact form allows people to reach out at any hour and you can respond when it suits you.

Generate quality leads & save yourself time

How many times has a potential customer reached out only for you to realise you’re not the right service for them? By spending time getting to know your business products and services through your website first, the people who do get in touch will already know that they need what you offer. This saves you time speaking to customers who have mistakenly found their way to your business.

Expand your reach nationally (or further)

With a brick and mortar store or word of mouth promotion, you’re limited to the immediate area your business practices in. With an online presence your reach can be expanded into surrounding suburbs, nationally or even internationally should you desire. Search engine optimisation is the best way to get your website noticed and can be tailored to your desired locations.