Now is the Moment you Need a Great Website that Works

20% Spike in Restaurant Traffic for Take-away Services

A lot of businesses may find that they have more time and less business on their hands than they would like. It’s the perfect opportunity to complete all the tasks you have been meaning to do. Perhaps you do not have a website, or your website is outdated? Well now is the time to improve your online presence.

Restaurants, bars, cinemas, and other businesses have been asked to close. People are working from home, spending more time watching television, Netflix, or gaming, but people are also researching products and services. The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped us from being customers.

Customers are searching for their favorite Restaurants online. In fact, the restaurant industry has seen a spike of over 20% in online traffic since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Many traditional dine-in only restaurants have now changed their model to provide a takeaway service. Now is the time for Restaurants to ensure they are able to take advantage of this spike by ensuring their website is set up to accept payments for takeaway and delivery services. It is also important their website has a clear and obvious message that their business model has changed slightly, but they are still open for business.

If your business does not have a strong website and a smart presence online then your business is going to miss the chance to take advantage of this surge in people being online. In many cases, businesses are still operating, therefore having a website that is up to date and that ranks well is the best way to share with your customers that you’re still open for business, or that you now offer an eCommerce or virtual solution during these tough times.


I’ve delivered dozens of websites for restaurants and can help a restaurant remain open for business online and immediately offer a takeaway service through their website in no time.

All websites created are mobile responsive, include content as standard, and are Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

For some businesses, I can have a website set live and fully designed with content in as little as 7 business days.

Contact me so we can help you help your customers during this difficult time. Even in times of great uncertainty opportunities can arise.